Hello October

Hello October,

September was filled w/ lessons and more lessons.

I learned to focus on my target market and to build in that direction. 

The art of building the proper network and letting every negative person stay behind me. 

I learned about my clients and what they need from me + how to say no to new clients due to my aesthetic not matching their brands.

Some people aren't meant to work with or even be in your space no matter how big their following is. 

September gave me the lesson of appreciating my friends AND no longer saying that I don't have friends. I have a lot of people in my corner that want to see me win aside from my amazing family. 

October will be amazing because of all the lessons and foundation built in September. 

October includes plenty of traveling to my new clients in DC + New York. Hopefully I will build and reach more new people. 

I believe that God brought me through hell and back in September because everything on the other side of that is what I want & need. 

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