Style Doc/Photo Project

      As you all may know I am currently a senior at Moore College of Art and Design studying photography. For my senior thesis that will be displayed at the end of April in my senior show I will be creating an ambitious body of work. For this project I will exploring the black girl beauty experience and the deeper meaning behind the clothes and the lifestyle. My thesis will include a short documentary and photo series for each of the women involved. I want to explore  black girl magic and what it means to us! I want to explore fashion and how it is more than just getting dressed but a full experience that can change the mood and course of the day.

I want to include 4-5 women in this project, you have to be able to open up to me about your style and really dig deep. How proud are you to be a black girl today? is something to think about. 

I will be reaching out to different women and you are welcome to contact me. There is no promise you will make the final project. 

For this project we will sit down and talk like girlfriends in a way. Along with the video will be a short photo session showcasing your style. 

I cannot wait to begin this project and to see how it evolves into something truly magical. 

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