Dirty Laundry

Since I began this photography journey I've planned so many creative shoots in my head. So many ideas have gone by and opportunities have been missed. I would like to say I wasn't ready to experience this level of creativity due to my work not being where I needed it to be. The girl that got her first camera in high school would be so proud of this Taylor and what she did with the tool. It took me a while to get to this happy place in my work, I now look at my work and I'm in love. Fast forward to this year, I am promising to get all my creative ideas out there. Once I am able to get those out, more will blossom and they will be larger productions.

The first idea I have created so far has been "Dirty Laundry" this shoot took places legit 5 minutes from my house at a local laundromat. The team included a stylist, model, hairstylist and makeup artist. Everyone was established in their craft and extremely passionate about what they do. All of the people involved were women of color and I so enjoy uplifting and putting us in amazing positions together. The shoot began with a simple text to the stylist Kia about me wanting to get this idea out there and she was completely on board. I gave her no direction because she's so amazing I knew that I could trust her vision, she even picked the incredible model. She's known this gorgeous soul since the young lady was 16! Corey was an amazing choice for a model because from start to finish she was incredible. Now on to the team behind the glam! Taneisha did the make up and she delivers EVERY time and thats why she's my go to person for anything with my face and others. Her skin looked incredible and yes feel free to get into and live in that highlight. Whitney switched up the hair and gave options like it was nothing, every look included a new style! Kia brought the looks and more looks, even bomb looks to just be thrown in the laundry basket. 

I was so nervous due the fact that I never spoke to the establishment we shot at before the shoot. I was so worried they would say no that I wanted to just risk it for the vision. We started outside and worked our way in. The owner was so sweet and nice, his wife is a photographer so that made it even easier. I was expecting the owner to tell us to get out but he gave us free range of the laundromat. We exchanged info at the end of the shoot because I wanted to share this magic of course and he was really excited to see the outcome of these crazy people shooting in his laundromat. 

Everything came together in the best way and I was proud from start to finish. When I talked to my father at the end of the shoot he explained how this was already in the plan. The road was already paved for me, I just needed to walk it. That hit me hard in a positive way because I needed that reassurance to go after my next shoot. The future has me excited! Cheers to more creative shoots and more amazing teams.

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