DC Connections

A lot of people know that I travel to New York a couple times a month to shoot with different influencers and models. Now I have added D.C. to the list of places I go to at least once a month for my clients. The new blogger client added to the mix is truly a sweetheart that is going through a rebranding process that is amazing to watch. She is taking her time to build content and really put out a full website instead of something half ass done. I love going through this journey with her because I am able to work magic from the ground floor up so we will grow together in a gorgeous way. Our recent shoot yesterday was bomb per usual but it also gave me the gift of building more connections. I met a few new people that are spreading the creative magic around D.C. We shot in a very popular shooting spot in the area so there were photographers everywhere creating some type of magic. The first person I met was a guy that is new photography but truly doing bomb things. We are both apart of the ever popular creative group Brown girl/guy with a camera! This group is made to uplift people of color within the photography industry. It was amazing to meet something that truly spoke highly of the group and  being there to support each other. So many people going through their career thinking its only room for one person at the top but its actually several vacant spots. It is enough money and clients for us to win and cheer each other on at the same time. The next two people I met consider photography to be more of hobby but are creating dope content. This duo had amazing style and really blew me away. They were dressed simple but the black girl magic was loud enough for me to stop. I asked to take their photo and with the exchange of information the connection was built. 

God had to mold me into this person to appreciate all the things that are coming my way.  I used to be a shy person that kept to myself and didn't share much about my journey. Once I started to live in my purpose things shifted within me. 

How are you being prepared for bigger and better things? Are you living in your purpose? Are you building and connecting? If any of these answers is No you need to push yourself because there are amazing things on the other side of fear. 



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