Branding Wave

Recently while shooting me and client had a conversation about branding and how everyone seems to think they have a brand. But the other side of that conversation is people who don't begin to dream or create these businesses due to the "everyone is doing it" way of thinking. I can't help but to instantly think of Rhianna creating Fenty and it flying off the shelves of Sephora. She could have easily said its already enough make up brands, but no she took the chance and catered to everyone. She was a new face in that world that was so needed for women of color because of all the shades she created. If you have a dream business you want to start you shouldn't let the endless amount of other people stop you. The one thing that they don't have is YOU and all your talent. As long as you are being yourself you will always stand out and offer something the person next to you doesn't. There are tons of photographers out there doing what I'm doing but a few things make me different. I want my prices to always cater to the person creating a new business, their budget may not the best but I want to still offer them a great content service. Of course my prices will be going up in the new year but they will continue to be affordable and still support my life. My clean aesthetic translates well on social media and website platforms. Some people edit with a lot of contrast and women of color tend to look orange or the skin just looks too photoshopped. A lot of things make me into the photographer that I am, I have never once wanted to quit because of the photographer next to me. 

You build and you create the things you want for yourself, because the only person that is left feeling incomplete is YOU when you don't live in your purpose!

Take the chance and set a new goal. 

Taylor Baldwin1 Comment