A New Style Trick

I rarely share the random projects that I work on at school but I got some great feedback on my social media platforms. This year I took a animation class that legit brought me to borderline tears every weekend. Mondays became my least favorite day of the week for more than just the ending of the weekend. For my final project I decided to do a stop motion flat lay campaign for a lifestyle bag company. The company was called Love Bags and the stop motion promotions featured some pretty fun bags. One of the perks of art school is I am exposed to so many other art forms. I am far from being an animator but I just love to find new ways to showcase amazing style.

I am so thankful the semester is over and I am walking into my second/final semester of my senior year. I can confidently say I am leaving school with another skill that I wasn't expecting.

Here are some stills + videos from the flat lay campaign:

Taylor BaldwinComment