Magic Pt. 1

Question 1: How would describe yourself in your industry?

Final Question: How are you going to change the game?

Magic is the title of my senior thesis and my first interview was bomb and inspiring. I sat down with Jasmine Green the CEO of Marz Modeling Agency. I would describe her as a 20something game changer w/ an amazing vision for her future. We sat and we talked about black girl magic, dreams, the art of the hustle, representation, and the glow up. Each question led to a different topic that I wasn't expecting but each one fed me more and more. This is just the beginning and I made some mistakes but I am still proud of myself for jumping at the task. By the end of this project I will confidently promote myself as someone that does video. Photography is my love but video speaks in a different way to my love of style. There are technical issues I am still working on because it has to translate the same way my photos do. Please stay tuned for more women and more stories.

My main take away from Jasmine is to only speak beauty into existence and to create your own lane.

Taylor BaldwinComment