Plan A

December 1st I applied to my dream positions after graduation:

1. Essence 

2. Buzzfeed 

I want to produce content for an innovative company while being the ultimate free lance hustler. The dreamer in me wants to only reach for the stars so I have honestly only applied to those two places. This may sound crazy to some people but I am building a life on my Plan A with no desire to discuss a Plan B. Being this ultimate free lance hustler has its great moments BUT then I could also be poor with no bookings. I would gladly go back to a 9 to 5 if I could be the ultimate creator or just around the vibes of amazing people and lessons. There is power in being the star at a company but also the person running to get coffee. I just want to soak up the knowledge from a place larger than me. My inspiration a lot of the time comes from vibes, energy, and lessons!

Wish me luck and pray for me. 

Stay tuned for some good news in the new year. 




Taylor BaldwinComment