Cheers to more magic

This will be a short and sweet post because I'm sure we are all reflecting on our year! It was a year full of good and bad days, plenty of blessings and even more lessons. 

I have set three goals for the new year:

Be Consistent: 

I tend to get distracted and hit points of just feeling uninspired but that has to change. I can no long wallow in my self doubt! Being secure leads to the perfect amount of consistency. Even when I don't have a client booked I need to be shooting. I love my work but I can always be better as an artist (so pretty much no time for breaks) 

Set Goals + Write Them Down:

It is amazing to set goals but I believe the power is in writing shit down and watching it get real. There is more potential in being able to look back at a sheet of paper and not only know you smashed the goal but you can cross it off the list (and make it bigger) I will follow this, set my goals and literally watch them accomplished.


This is broad but I have learned this year the power in building teams and keeping good people around me. The first step to correcting a problem is admitting there is one, right? okay great so I have an issue with building great relationships and nurturing them. Having my daughter so young I spent a lot of time just with her because my friends weren't moms they were college students. Just recently I realized I need to build connections and friendships because they also feed my soul. Growth and change are scary because it can legit tear you down but build you up again better than ever. I have been broken down by life but I am currently being rebuilt into something incredible. So my goal is to build powerful relationships and nurture them properly. 

My goals may be broad but that's because they all have great overarching themes that I must work on. You should do what I'm doing and set some real goals for the new year and stick to them. No more of the New Year, New You! Be real with yourself and love YOU by setting some goals. 

Hope your new year is amazing & full of plenty of blessings. 

Best of Luck!

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