Balls to Wall

The expression that came up today at school was "Balls to the Wall"

Expressing yourself with all caution in the wind, you create new + revolutionary things. Today I did a critique in my Toal experience course on a bedroom that I set up outside on the parkway in front of the Academy of Natural Science. It included the normal minimal bedroom display, a bed, a nightstand, a rug, and plenty of decor. I already did this display in a class room by a window that worked beautiful with the lighting in the room but it just wasn't the experience I needed. I wanted to create an experience that different people could walk into, it would be out of my hands who interacted with the piece. I realized I was creating a photo experience that started a lot of conversations! People were walking up wondering what it was and why it was there, I explained the space and some people started to take photos. 

baldwincrit 316_0029.jpg

Being in art school my fashion work doesn't get critiqued well due to the small minded nature of a fine art based education. I don't fit it so I think in many ways I am forever creating a way to exclude myself but in my moments of exclusion I feel welcomed. Constantly defending my work proved to me that I really love what I do. Its the ups and down of attending school, I love it and then I hate it. 

Maybe I will set up more of these displays and have you think what you want, you could think it was an ad for Ikea and I wouldn't care. As long as you feel welcomed enough to approach it + start a conversation. 

Taylor Baldwin