Fresh Start

Let me re introduce myself! My name is Taylor + I am the creator of Mama Photog.

Mama Photog is lifestyle photography brand that provides content for bloggers, foodies, and product designers. The journey for me began when I received my first camera at the age of 17, not taking it too serious but experimenting with the medium. My aesthetic was far from known and I pretty much just started with photos around my neighborhood. I was studying business in school and living a pretty normal life until God had some different plans for me. He decided I was ready to bring into the world my beautiful baby girl at the age of 18, her name is Malia. Since the day she was born she has been my muse for everything in my life. When she turned a year old our art journey began. I applied to Moore College of Art & Design! Got Accepted + our journey for a better life began. 

Taking photography serious brought on new struggles because my goal was to work for myself. Being an entrepreneur takes a special type of person that is willing to sacrifice and give more than the hours of 9-5 to his/her craft. Lets fast forward to my sophomore year when I truly realized I had to specify my brand and make myself different. I discovered fashion bloggers and the obsession began during my first New York fashion week at Essence Street Style. The event showed all these different people of color with amazing style. Nobody looked the same and they all offered something magical. While in Brooklyn I took a photo of my friend on the corner of a busy intersection against an old car, I got amazing reviews on it. That moment put the gears in motion and I found my aesthetic in that moment. 

Color and the backdrop set the tone for my images and I truly create an experience with each session. I started to meet these stylish women and build relationships and now I have a network of gorgeous women. I am building a portfolio, traveling and beating the odds. Based on my circumstances I am supposed to be a dropout on welfare raising my daughter with the hopes of making it through the week. I wanted to inspire my daughter and teach her what it feels like to live a happy life full of content. Just because I had a child young doesn't mean I don't deserve to live. 

I hope all young mothers take from my story that you can truly accomplish your dreams no matter what. I have so many people throw negative comments at me everyday and I lose friends all the time. When God gives you a special vision it is meant for you and not everyone will understand. Pray and stay in faith because he will take you places that you can't even dream about. 


Mama Photog

Taylor Baldwin