Internship Breakthrough

The road to finding an internship has been a struggle, I have applied to tons of companies in New York hoping to get one that will lead to a job. God has this pattern in my life of shifting my plans and giving me something that is a better fit for my journey. I sent my resume out to so many people, constantly doing the painful cover letters tailored to each brand. This was exhausting but I wanted something amazing. 

My school requires you to get an internship or you fail the course. The course is set up with different test that are meant to prepare you for the real world. This always seemed a bit silly to me I guess because my daughter is all the motivation I need to be prepared. I don't need a lecture course to show me what the world will expect of me, I know it will expect me to stand out. I have always pushed myself harder than my peers because I want to be successful more than ever. Sacrificing so much and spending thousands of dollars is motivation enough. 

Back to the internship, I finally three weeks before the deadline secured an amazing internship simply by talking to one of my professors about my goals. He has always taken an interest in my work and doesn't even teach me a photography course. I emailed his contact my resume + portfolio with the hopes of getting a meeting. The whole process took place within two weeks, emails and then a meeting to see if I fit the company. The meeting was an hour and we talked about blogs he loves and my goals. During the conversation I realized my ultimate goal! I have dreams of being a creative director! I want to handle a persons brand from the web content and how it is placed to the social media content and the flow of the feed. 

At the end of the conversation I was offered my ideal internship that wasn't even on my mind. I will be running a fashion blog, from the visual content to the articles. The blog will be based around the new items in the store and also different brands around the Philadelphia area. What an amazing opportunity to spread my wigs and truly learn what it takes to be in the industry. 

I went from applying to large companies that would probably only lead to me getting coffee or a devil wears Prada situation. Even though I would greatly appreciate a Devil wears Prada life, bomb clothing with plenty of shade! lol Moving on! Moral of the story! Keep the faith, God may not come when you want him to but he is always on time with the blessing. 


Mama Photog

Taylor Baldwin