Mama Magic

The new phrase that has popped up into my life due to not only my growth but me owning my fate and loving this journey. Mama Magic is something that can describe the good and the bad moments as I go through my photography career. Its magical when I have so many setbacks only to get up another day and try again. Its magical when everything is going right and opportunities are being thrown at me left at right. Every part of my journey is magic because of the barriers and stereotypes put up for young single mothers. My dreams don't look like the normal dreamer due to my daughter and the need to be the best mom to her through out this process. I am risking it all, but my risk are different and the failure feels different having this little person watching me the whole time. Weeks ago I watched the Insta story of the amazing Mia Ray and she talked about how when she began her entrepreneur journey that she had a talk with her son. She told him things would be hard but when she made it they would live it up together. Thats powerful to me because of how honest she was with her son but its also incredible that she kept her word. Thats the power of Mama Magic, you make a way for your child out of nothing sometimes. You have to create the chapters in your life, and when it is time to give your testimony you can either say how you made it through or show how it defeated you. Both stories are a lesson for someone! I speak to so many moms that may have lost the magic along the way but sometimes just a kind word can spark it.

 I hope all moms own their mama magic + appreciate the storm just as much as the sunshine. 

Being a single mom isn't easy but the title helped me find my mama magic. 

Taylor Baldwin