I rebranded myself once but should I do it again? Is the name Mama Photog not a blank enough slate for my clients. After talking with my internship host I have realized I need to seriously consider the name of my brand. The name Mama Photog came up during a meeting with my graphic designer. I fell in love with a name that started off as just my Instagram handle, but I always get the question "Why Mama Photog?" I answer it by saying that I am a mom and a photographer which are two major parts of my life and the two go together perfectly. I'm a lifestyle brand but I am adding too much of myself and thinking too personal? 

Unfortunately due to my real name being pretty common there are a lot of Baldwin and Taylor Baldwin photography brands out there. Before I graduate I want to trademark the name and really make myself completely official. 

So what do you guys think? Should I let go of Mama Photog? or truly own it for life?!

What should I do? *



Taylor Baldwin