The Constant Comeback.....

Recently I had a bad experience with a customer, the bad experience has been on my mind for a few days now. The experience taught me a few things about my business and who my target clients are. My aesthetic only fits a certain group and I can't offer much to people that need something different. Took off a little more than I could chew and now I'm playing back in mind all my sessions and if I have ever messed up before this session. Have any other customers hated the finished product and just not said anything? I'm beating myself up so much about this because I want my business to keep thriving but then I began to think of an amazing business with that one bad yelp review. Did they stop and let that one review make them not provide it again? No they tried to rectify the mistake and moved on to be better. I am my worse critic so I have been beating myself up so much! Every hour a different thought about what I want my business to represent and how I have failed myself completely. 

Even though I am kicking myself and beating myself up there is lesson in this mistake. I will be smart with the bookings and clients that I accept. My photography is made for people growing a business and bloggers. I am constantly trying to grow and perfect my photography and cannot afford any set backs in the process. Clean + and very intimate is my style and it cannot be watered down with other things. 

Having a business includes the constant comeback story especially in the beginning where I am at. You have to constantly build yourself up after being knocked down over and over again, I am the only face of my business so it all falls on me. The comeback story is real and ever so painful sometimes but its important to my growth.

I hope this story inspires you to keep growing + going because check on me a year from now and I will be stronger and better from this mistake.

“Things aren't always going to be in our favor, so when they aren't, we have to take what we can from those experiences and move forward.” 
― Alexandra Elle

Taylor Baldwin