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Lately I have come across so many amazing mommy bloggers that have built amazing empires.  They have not only built brands around themselves but also added their children in the most positive way. I understand that in the blogger world things can tend to look a little too perfect and not realistic but not these women that I follow. The moms I'm a real fan of are the ones that show being a mom from all different perspectives. Even if I can't always relate to the stories they tell I always can appreciate the perspective. Recently I had an amazing session with the mommy blogger + entrepreneur Melanie Marie and her adorable daughter AnnDrew. Even though it was a trillion degrees outside we still created some magic. Towards the end of the session her mini got a little annoyed with the heat so we ended things but it still was a great session. 

I love Melanie's brand because of her story! She started and failed like all of us sometimes do but very few speak about this. The hard times didn't make her quit but it only drove her to get what she wanted more. Now her brand has grown and is still getting bigger and bigger! So inspired by her journey as a mommy and business owner. 

The mommy hustle is real + respected! 

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