Celebrate Yourself

How many of us follow people on social media that make us question our success? You watch them and wonder if you are actually doing enough because things for them seem to come so easy. But the one thing that we constantly forget is that social media is  2% of a persons reality, it's so much that we don't actually see at all. People don't show the grind and them crying when things don't work out. We report the amazing moments and perfect photos live for the world to see. I am also someone that has the issue with constantly comparing myself to other photographers. The photographers I'm comparing myself to are on their day 1000 and I'm still building so it's not a healthy way of thinking. I have grown and gained the ability to get myself out of this funk and appreciate my own triumphs. 

I encourage people to celebrate themselves and to unfollow those people that make you feel bad.  A simple unfollow has helped me so much because that little moment of comparing can distract you from getting things done. Some may disagree with me and say you should use them as inspiration but you should only do what works for you. There are no steps to getting to your ultimate moment of success that can only be determined by you and how hard you work. 

Just know when you feel down your season is approaching and everything is preparing you for greater. 

Taylor BaldwinComment