Creative Block

Hey Creatives!

Have you ever reached a point where you just feel like you're not doing enough? Yeah well I have recently hit this point and I chose to completely block out everything and disconnect myself. When I say disconnect I mean turning my phone off and trying to just clear my mind. Usually its hard for me not to have my phone on but I was just so drained by my life. Im constantly creating but not at the level that I want and I began to question instead of trust the process. The journey of entrepreneurship isn't an easy one, it requires a lot of patience and trust that the right decisions are being made. The goal for me is to be extremely successful while doing what I love but the road to getting there isn't always clear and easy. 

When I first started photography one of my main goals was to fall in love with my work and be able to create confidently. Once I hit that goal it was to find my niche and target customers, I for sure hit that goal. Now my goal is built a consistent life being a creative and truly trusting my process. The more I dive into my dreams and accomplish things I realize how important self care and self love are to my growth. Not only my growth as a photographer and business owner but as a woman raising a little girl in such a watered down society. 

My latest mantra: I am never GOING through something, I am GETTING through it.

I put out a lot of fires this week but it is only preparing me for the greater that is to come. To whom much is given, much is expected. 

The journey never disguised its self as an easy one but it will not break me. 

Taylor BaldwinComment