Half way there

As I get closer to 25 a lot of things have come to my mind about this new chapter in my life. Society has put this pressure on 30 to be the time your success needs to be fully grown and providing you with your best life. So here I am about to turn 25 in a week and I feel the pressure of being at that half way mark. The thoughts of a 5 year plan and how to truly take off with photography and find the million dollars waiting for me. Not only is it career stress but its also a feeling of letting everything go that has been on my heart or mind for years. I can honestly say I am the queen at holding a grudge and not properly letting things go. A lot of relationships I wiped my hands of could have been figured out with a simple conversation. Friendships that ended abruptly due to petty ways or just not communicating. I feel like I finally sat myself down on the imaginary therapist couch and had the breakthrough I've needed for so long. I finally realize the importance in cultivating better relationship and cherishing the ones I have. So many times I ask myself why I was never the girl with 15 thousand friends, why is my circle always so small. Maybe God has been protecting and understanding how important the vibes around me are to my growth as a person. As I getting closer to this prolific birthday, I realize the size of my circle is perfect because I never have to second guess the energy. So many of those failed relationships brought so much tension to my life. The simple conversation needed in a lot of situations may not have been to be continue the relationship but to end it peacefully. 

My five year plan has business and personal goals listed because my peace goes hand and hand with both. Before the 19th (my birthday) I will have this five year plan mapped out and written in my planner and a notebook for me to always look back at it. I want to smash more goals and build more meaningful relationships as a get close to the "I figured it all out thirties" 

Next post will be the 25 things I learned to be a better 25- Stay Tuned 

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