while editing I recently played a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts and I was truly moved to do better and let God fully work over my life. From the word I received serval amazing points that really hit home for me. 

1. "I'm waiting on something" Don't give up and question what god is doing. Follow through with everything with purpose. You're never brought to your greatness or shown your gift to stay on auto pilot.  This hit home because so many times I receive the blessing I've been waiting for and just kinda ride that wave instead of pushing and pushing more through to the next level. 

2. Fully letting God use me and not trying to gear things a different way. LISTEN! I AM GOING TO START LISTENING. 

3. Everyone around me isn't meant to experience my magic or gifts because God didn't give them the special vision to understand. People have to come correct when coming into my circle because I have FAVOR and thats nothing to play with or take lightly.

4. Praying over my blessing before Posting! I don't need anyone to confirm my choices or give me the stamp of approval. 




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