Queen Village

A little over a week ago I was booked for a session with an amazing hat brand created by a young lady name Meagan Cook. The funny thing about this shoot is I wasn't even the first option, the original photographer was unable to do it so I was a last minute suggestion. The photoshoot came together in an amazing way with a team of seven people. Each person came to the table with great amount of talent from a hairstylist, set designer, makeup artist, stylist, and brilliant creator of the hats. When I was approached about this shoot I was so excited about the idea of this growing hat brand created for women with braids, natural hair, and any other time usually not compatible with a hat. These aren't just simple hats, they have style and personality! These hats are needed because so many times women with big hair or any other style are left out of the hat trend due to the fit and material. Queen Village makes hats that are lined with satin because any other fabric could cause damage. 

Every part of this shoot came together in the most organic and perfect way ever. The set designer turned the empty room into an urban funky catalog. That was amazing to witness because she was truly given a blank canvas and made a masterpiece. Next we have the stylist that pulled what looked like over 15 looks for this small production. The hairstylist did a full weave in 10 minutes flat that looked like the model had been in the chair for hours. Of course you can see the makeup artist slayed the entire face for this project to come to life. The model speaks for herself, she was effortless and needed no direction to bring each of the hats to life. All these creative black women came together for such a dope brand and really created magic. 

This photoshoot was a lesson on black girl magic and how to cultivate and build an amazing network. Good vibes, love and passion were the only tools needed to make this a successful shoot. When you bring together people that love what they do and give their all to their passion things tend to come together in a beautiful way. I think this shoot was the best shoot of my photography career. 

Taylor BaldwinComment