Mini Street Style

We all know street style is so bomb to see pop up on our feed but imagine all that style + the cuteness of kids. A couple Sundays a go I collaborated with a kid apparel brand and we took over multiple corners in Soho. People couldn’t help but to stop and stare and watch these little people slay the day. They would go from playing to these serious poses as if they had been preparing their whole lives for this shoot. All together there were 10 kids and each one came to get the job done. The best thing about this kids brand is the owner really creates pieces that make sure your kid is stylish but still dressed like a child. So many times you see these brands that give kids the belly shirts and adult like items but how can you have a fun playdate in those looks. This is for sure one of my favorite shoots EVER!

Now booking all the kiddie bloggers! Tell your moms to call me =)

Taylor Baldwin1 Comment