Fashion Week 18'

Coming down from all the fashion week. magic, although I was only able to do 1 day it was nothing short of amazing. The street style was over flowing but there was a huge conversation about diversity in the mist of it all. I appreciated the conversation so much because my work is based around representation. Women of Color are my target market so I was drawn to them while capturing fashion week but noticed there weren't many out there. I don't know if there's a right way to do fashion week but I always do things my way. Style is what attracted me to people, not their following, skin tone or size. Thats the way this game should be but it's sadly NOT, most the pack of photographers went for the big names. After I captured my version of fashion week I was approached by Teen Vogue to speak on my experience. It was amazing to be noticed by a large platform but it sucked to still have this conversation. I always question why we can't get past this simple thought of beauty standards. 

I'm praying that in September I am able to do more days and see a variety of people and style. I know one day these simple beauty standards will fall the pieces and we will all be represented some how. 

Taylor BaldwinComment