Café Vibes -- Tea Please

Lately the amazing ladies I work with have been slaying the girly café inspired looks. I am so obsessed and realized my life long dream might be to design an instagram/shoot worthy cafe. A lot of cafes are cute but some lack the lighting needed or they're are just too tiny for me and the subject to fit and fully slay. The ones featured in these post are in different cities, the pink look is in Philadelphia and the plaid look is in Washington, D.C. Both locations I was pretty much in the way of the customers but we were able to get the job done.

I wish I could do a whole entire café shoot, renting one would be a dream but the budget isn't where it needs to be. The one lesson I learned from these shoots is to be more thoughtful with picking locations based on the look. Think of themes and I also have to scout more in the cities I shoot in. These two looks may be my favorite to date simply because everything came together and works perfectly. 

If you know any good cafés please let me know! I'm always looking for more, as long as its cute! 

Taylor BaldwinComment