Overlooked -- Fully booked

This past year I went from overlooked by many to be fully booked by some of the most stylish people I follow. Preparing for my thesis in the mist of all this is super stressful but I have been praying for this moment. My fashion week photos did something amazing and my Love my Selfie sessions attracted so many new clients. Every week I am in a different city at least one day out of it. I'm exhausted but loving all my new content and clients!

Last year I had a hard to reaching people but after God took some people out of my life and business I grew so much. Everything is so connected that the smallest thing or person can throw you off from your blessings. When I quit my 9-5 I had no plan but to do what I love and make it work for me. My fear grew but so did the opportunities coming my way because I was willing to tell everyone about this creative journey.  Consistency is so important, especially when nobody is looking because that shows true dedication. I love what I do so much that I have risked so much to be here. 

When you are going after your dreams things always get harder but you get smarter through every situation -- thats the best lesson I have learned! 

Thanks everyone for booking me and supporting this creative journey. 

Taylor BaldwinComment