Thesis, Oh the stress

So my thesis is causing my so much stress

My eye has been twitching for weeks

Havent slept in weeks 

I have nothing started 

Im going to go broke doing this project, but this is so important.

Renting a space in New York, gathering together people that have worked with and creating a farewell experience for my art school career. I spent four years at a place that finally appreciates my work so they deserve an amazing kiss goodbye. I never gave up on my goals to grow as a fashion photographer no matter how bad the critiques were. This project will showcase my struggles, growth and everything that came with my career. The other ladies will help give a deeper look into my practice and their own. 

I'm excited to begin but crying because this is the biggest thing I will accomplish. 

Pray for me, PLEASE + THANKS

I love us for real!

Taylor BaldwinComment