New Foodie Ventures

My latest client is serving the best of both worlds, amazing looks + giving you foodie goals. Brunchnista is a foodie blogger that dives into everything brunch related, she is really turning brunch into a lifestyle. To some people brunch is a simple task but there are so many levels to brunching like a pro. 

1. The location has to be instagram + content worthy. So many places are now feeding into that perfect aesthetic that we all love so much. I love walking into a restaurant and have my jaw drop because of the decor. 

2. The menu --- When your menu is super limited and lacks the needed brunch goods its a no go! During our shooting we went to places that included the perfect brunch essentials like french toast, pancakes + ever trending avocado toast. These items are not only brunch favorites for many people but they also photograph amazing. Beyonce items of the menu! 

3. Lighting! Brunch is such a happy fun experience to invite your girlfriends to, nobody wants to sit in the dark. The best places include greenery + a lot of sunshine. This is not just the photographer in me craving that perfect amount of lighting. The sunshine changes the whole vibe of the brunch date. 

Apply these little tips + visit for the real scoop of brunch and how to do it right

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