"Sunday" My First Book

"Sunday" my senior thesis + my very first photo book. The book includes photos of these five beautiful black women in a New York loft. Each a different shade of magic with an incredible glow. This was the perfect way to end my time at art school. My work was never really appreciated at my school over the last four years due to it not being fine art. I have always been this person that wanted to create content but never knew the steps to getting here. I created a lane for myself at art school and taught myself the steps that needed to happen. The one thing about my story thats important is the fact that I never gave up on my dreams/goals. I pushed myself to be the person I wanted to be. Even when It felt like nobody was cheering for me I still showed up for myself. 

Thank you everyone for coming out to show for the opening, the show closes on May 12th. If you're in the Philadelphia area come visit the piece at Moore College of Art and Design. 

Senior thesis show


"Sunday" is a moment that captures a care free + easy breezy moment. Imagine your perfect Sunday morning in your beautifully lit space with your ultimate playlist in the background. I wanted to transcend the viewer to a different state of mind with the book and art show space. The space was a task putting together but very worth it! A lot of people enjoyed the show and I even got a few job offers. It was an amazing feeling that after four years I was getting recognized by so many different important people. 

"Sunday" --- Senior thesis space

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