Tiffany Blue Bike Magic

Asa --- Bike Magic in Rittenhouse Square

I have been wanting to shoot with a bike since Solange debuted her New Orleans wedding photos. If you don't remember the photos they showed her and her husband happily on the street with two white bikes.  It was so amazing and lacking all the boring traditional shit that normally goes with a wedding. Since I don't shoot weddings my ideas and vision went to a different place. I just saw happy black women glowing on the streets and in a park. Jinxed is one of my favorite thrift stores and they seem to always have a vintage bike sitting outside of each location. No matter which one I walked pass there was a bike calling my name. Finally after years and months I decided to walk to the one blocks from me to get a bike. $30 got me the bike of my dreams, you can't ride it but you can slay a whole shoot with it. The rusty bike was amazing but I needed it to be mine, so I had to change the color and add a basket. Tiffany Blue was the chosen color after fighting with orange and a bright lemon. After I got through spending hours in the spray paint aisle at Lowes I moved on to picking the ladies. The ladies had to be different with their style and be able to bring the vision to life. When planning a shoot I pick women that make shooting easy! For example, I pick women that have great style and presence because they will come photoshoot ready. 

Asa in the city w/ her copy of my book "Sunday"

The bike basket filled with black girl magic + lemons

Day 1 went amazing with Asa + Ny offering amazing style in a different way. We shot in Rittenhouse square and the minute I got the bike out the car people started staring wondering what I was up to. Adding the ladies to it only made the fascination grow more and people asked if I was with Tiffanys or if they could get a photo of the bike. The magic was instant, we worked our way around and in the park. This shoot really was inspired by my lack of inspiration and me wanting to create my own amazing campaign while waiting for the big one to come along. I couldn't just play with my fingers while I wait, I want to make my own moments and shake things up. Day 2 was even more amazing because I had Asa again plus a mama I met via instagram named Monique. 


Asa + Monique

Day 2 was different because I didn't realize so many people recognized the bike that knew me. The bike being such a big deal made me think about doing a street style bike pop up shoot (I am still considering this because people are really loving the bike magic) 

I live for these moments of black girl magic and want to plan more. Believe me you will see more of the bike around the city, maybe in a different bright pop of color. 

Asa + Monique

Monique + Asa

The plan is for sure to do more campaigns like this and build more dynamic duos + teams to bring the vision to life. Keep viewing everything and even be inspired to do that project you cant stop thinking about.

Ny + Asa

Ny --- Rittenhouse Square