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Being a lifestyle + street style photographer that travels to different cities for clients I have one key issue in each city. Finding A Location! I want to help other photographers + creative directors tackle this issue with a few key tips. I am not an expert but I am someone that may have an idea you haven't tried yet. 

Here are the 3 key resources I use to find the perfect location for my lifestyle sessions + some studio/ design oriented space apps for the indoor shooter. 

3 key resources for finding locations:

1. Making your way downtown in Google Maps. 

Open google maps and start at a central downtown location, walk around and see if you can stumble across a sweet spot that has the aesthetics you're looking for. 

2. Instagram hashtag searches

Search the cities hashtag or I even search the blogger hashtag (ex. Houstonblogger) This search can help you find cute locations because bloggers tend to shoot in the hot spots. You may have to stalk the pages a little and zoom in to find exactly where they are but its so worth it. 

3. Blogs!

I look up blogs that may be based around the cutest cafes or most instagramable locations in the city. These post can lead to some amazing ideas. Even if you don't shoot at the most popular locations you can at least find a great area. 

With these three tips you should be able to find the perfect location, even combine a little bit of each tip. You can search a cute cafe + search it on instagram to see better photos and they may even lead you to a few bloggers in the city. 

You're client will be so impressed if you offer a location idea that they haven't been to or thought of. All through out this post are photos from a recent session I did with a lifestyle blogger in D.C 

Found this location doing a instagram search + blog post on Instagram worthy locations.

Here are some apps that help with find indoor spaces that can be rented by the hour:

1. Breather ---

2. Peer Space ---

3. Sonder Stays ---

These are lifesavers for me when I have an indoor concept or rainy day hits with no time to reschedule. 

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