Essence Block Party

Sunday the 9th I attended Essence Street Style Block Party and was shocked by all the beautiful women that filled that Brooklyn location. As much as I wished it wasn't raining I still made the best out of the circumstances. The Navy Yard location was filled with food trucks, make up stations, a stage and plenty of black owned vendors. First thing I did when I entered the event is standing in line for food, the Jamaican one to be exact. I did the happy dance when I got it and took that first bite. After eating and enjoying the sponsored Coca Cola seating area it was time to work the room and stop some beautiful women for photos. My goal was to capture 10 women that gave me street style magic. The more I worked the room the more I noticed how amazing black women truly are, our hair is perfection with the ability to do a million + 1 styles. There were so many trends being started in that room and if you gathered all the glow skin it would blind you. I captured this event different and decided to only take waist up portraits. Each lap around the room I stopped another woman, some I even did a double take before chasing them down.  My goal is to one day be booked as a free lance photographer for an Essence event (lets all pray on this) 

Hope you enjoy all the photos and stay tuned for more fashion week fun ----

Taylor BaldwinComment