September is Glowing

It's a beautiful September with these glowing cover girls filling the shelves at all my local news stands. Being a photographer that creates stories where the stars are women of color this means a lot to me especially Vogue. The cover being shot by the young and already so influential Tyler Mitchell. Beyonce took full control of the cover and hired the first black photographer in history to shoot the cover of the over 100 year old magazine. It is amazing to see someone at the top of her career like Beyonce giving real people chances to be game changing. Black creatives deserve moments to be on center stage. Attending art school I wasn't educated on many people of color, I had to solve that issue for myself. My favorites soon became the local and niche photographers that look like me and shoot people that look like me. With fashion week coming around the corner I will also be changing the way I photograph it. I want to focus on the street style trendsetters that are of color especially with my group shoot! 

Stay tuned for all my fashion week coverage. Hope you love it! 

Taylor BaldwinComment