NYFW - Mama Group Session

On September 6th I brought together 7 women on a Soho corner to create some street style magic. I was inspired after reading so many articles on fashion week being white washed and women of color not fully being represented during this stylish week. My work has always been filled with women of color showing off their personal style or new business. THIS moment felt like something that needed to happen.

The call was put out on instagram and I was flooded with responses but unfortunately due to schedules and just limited space I couldn't accept everyone. I gave the ladies no style directions, just come in your best street style. As the ladies began to show up I realized prints, red, and yellow was something I'm clearly missing in my wardrobe lol. These ladies didn't come to play at all for this group session. I started the shoot by putting them in groups and I had to start with that yellow and red together. That transitioned into the monochromatic red looks (you know I had to put those suits together, I wouldn't be my street style obsessed self if I didn't) 

After the ladies in red killed it I put together the patterns to create something different and then broke it down even more with a lovely group of the two in yellow. I was putting my color theory class notes to work and trying to break down the group as much as possible. This was more than getting content for Instagram but I wanted to create a moment that I needed to see and do. Things like this make me emotional because getting here and rebranding myself into a lifestyle photographer was the scariest thing I had ever done. I was told so many times that I needed to pay more of dues in the industry like shooting more events, weddings and everything else under the sun before I got so specific. Being a passionate person that wants the full control to write my own life story with few regrets I had to take the leap of faith. As you can see I leaped and God was right there to catch me, this is my second year of fashion week and I'm creating the work that I want w/ bomb people. I stan for women of color and will for sure create work where we are ALWAYS the stars. Stay tuned for more of fashion week coverage and scroll down for more of the magic. 


Thank you to all the women that were involved in this project, you made my vision real. 

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