Collaborating For My Sanity

Have you ever thought of collaboration as a form of therapy or even self care?

Recently it was the one thing that made me feel good as an artist after a couple month of a deep depression. March and April were especially hard for me because I had become someone just trying to make money and not really caring about my work or the clients I was working with. I am running a very boutique photography business so I am certainly not meant to work with most people. That’s a hard pill to swallow when you have bills but I believe in my dreams too much to settle. In the midst of giving refunds and not really booking anyone I started working closely with my hairdresser/friend to create some fun content.

It all started when she dyed my hair purple, she got inspired to try out pink and it was a perfect fit (for both of us!) We started planning shoots around her hair and fun style! Every Tuesday we get together and just do whatever it is that we want to do with no restrictions. As creatives I think we spend so much time thinking out these ideas that we over think the execution. Sometimes the best part of the process is just doing and getting the kinks out later. Our first shoot was a long one that legit produced like 3 good photos but we’ve gotten better after 3 sessions together.

I am an artist that’s sensitive about her shit and my spirit is even more sensitive to peoples energy. I have to be careful who I work with and allow to pour into me. A rough two months was all the tough love that I needed to really move forward as a better artist.

I set up meetings + work dates and conversations healed me and helped me to understand my purpose. I am put on this earth to create beautiful content with natural light and gorgeous ambitious women of color.

I hope this blog post helps someone going through shit and just trying to make it through. Reach out to your team and make people aware of how you feel, you’re not alone! I PROMISE!