The Perfect Branding Session

Oh the branding we will do!

Am I the only one that can appreciate a beautifully decorated space?! Obviously not because these two interior designers gave me life in this amazing space.

Can I tell you guys about how this space legit fell into my lap?! This space started following me on instagram and I instantly became obsessed with it. It checked off everything on my list! Natural light (CHECK!) Decor (CHECK!) Large Room (CHECK!) Music + Wifi (CHECK!) Philadelphia is such a hard city when it comes to finding spaces like this that are affordable or even simply existing. My dream is to for sure one day to open up a space like this for creatives like me and even emerging interior designers that want to see their vision come to life.

I take so much pleasure in creating content for women of color that I am willing to book these spaces for sessions. Most people that book me for sessions just know they have a vision but the location almost always falls on me. I always send my clients plenty of options that look different so we can fully capture the vibe. Some people stick to brand colors and others just want the photos to resemble their mood board. So much goes into creating the perfect branding session but I would say the number one tip is to keep things simple as possible. The people you are trying to reach with this branding I promise can appreciate the simple and they will fall in love with the finished product.

The session in these photographs are for an emerging interior design company called Blue Jane Interiors. These two women have two different design styles so we wanted to show that in the photographs. We mad sure the outfits were complimenting each other but not twins in any way. It came together perfectly and their reaction was priceless.

Taylor BaldwinComment