Self owned + stressed

September has been a whirlwind and I think the hard times are not discussed enough when owning your own business. People only want to talk about the sunshine and the liberation that comes with running your own business. Let’s talk about the hard days and how some months I legit think about getting a job because this stress is too much. This month a lot has been thrown at me and I am honestly taking a step back to refocus on life happening too fast.

As you all know I was (still am) planning my branding experience that was supposed to take place on September 8th. In the middle of confirming everything with the studio space they were forced to move to a different location. This news made my heart drop because I didn’t know the women attending and didn't want to let them down or come across like a scam. This forced me to change the date but with the date change came me giving out refunds. The one thing I was dreading was that and TWO hit me harder then I though they would. I take full responsibility for these because due to studio mistake I wasn’t able to communicate properly and it definitely was a lesson learned.

So now I have a new space for the session and everything will continue as normal with a photographer that is beyond drained.

On top of all this my car failed me right before I started my fashion week coverage for Refinery29. Such an amazing opportunity by the way but whew Chile I was exhausted catching the bus everyday and the train when I would miss it. Everyday I had a pep talk with myself about how this is what I love and to get what I want I have to sacrifice and work hard when nobody is looking.

So now we have my car hating me + refunds that shook me to my core a little bit.

Oh did I mention I am in the middle of moving into a new place? yeah ya girl is truly going through it!

Are you stressed out yet? lol

Well this is the part that people rarely talk about or when they do it’s after they’ve made their millions and its just a chapter in the story. I want to share my journey live in the most transparent way so that all these pretty pictures don’t create a false narrative.

Every month won’t be sunshine but it will be a lesson for sure. I will come out of all this with more to give the next photographer that struggling to make things happen. The point of hard times isn’t to give up and walk away but to pick up the pieces and work harder.

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